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(formerly pjur® Eros c2008)

pjur® ORIGINAL (formerly pjur® Eros c2008) is the first and bestselling personal silicone lubricant in the world. It provides a pleasurable, long-lasting gliding feeling, while making your skin smooth and silky soft. pjur® ORIGINAL is superconcentrated and the right choice for intimate, exciting hours.As a safe and dependable lubricant, pjur® ORIGINAL promises a good time. Of course, it is tasteless and odorless, and extremely kind to your skin. pjur® Original is also ideal for gentle body massages, relaxing every tense muscle.Free your imagination, fantasies and desires. Just try it out yourself! pjur® ORIGINAL is the best choice for first time users and aficionados alike. We guarantee it will keep you coming back for more.

M EROS Vs. pjur® EROS?



Trademark: pjur® Group & Megasol were lubricant manufacturers that were involved in litigation over the use of trademark materials since separating in 2002. In question was the "EROS" Trademark brands and the image of the male silhouette, which both companies had featured on their products. The litigation was ended in 2008 with Megasol receiving the rights of the "EROS" trademark.


pjur® Original is the same as the former Eros Original that had been selling in the US since 1995. Megasol or M Eros entered the US Market with their own brand of Eros in 2007. However in 2013 Megasol Or M Eros was found not compliant as a FDA Class II Medical Device and import into the US restricted.


By the end of 2014 all pjur® Bodyglide Personal Lubricants had obtained their 501K Class II Medical Device Registrations.

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Pjur Woman Silicone Based personal lubricant bottle


Pjur Original Personal Lubricants
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